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- Gabby Bernstein - 




I'm so excited to connect with you!

My name is Shar! I believe there is always purpose when you stumble on things by "accident". So, you being here is no accident at all.


It's been such an incredible journey as to how I've gotten here. I am so grateful and blessed for everyone and all experiences up to this point. I know there is so much to learn and grow from, but that is what life is all about.

I started Feel Good Vibes to provide natural healing in a nurturing and loving environment so that you can heal on all levels- Mind, Body, Soul. 



I have always worked in the industry that involved helping others. I have worked as a Psychiatric Nurse since 2012 and feel that mental health is such a huge component towards our own well-being. I feel there is still so much stigma towards mental health. My goal is to enlighten others that taking care of our mental health is exactly like taking care of our own physical bodies. I  decided to return to school and for
my Master's degree in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing. I feel that expanding my knowledge has helped me to grow and evolve in the mental health field.

Throughout my life, there has always been a curiosity about what else is out there. I was too fearful to explore that. Growing up,I I  was very sensitive to what was around me and being around large groups of people. I  figured to just deal with it. Eventually, it just became too much and overwhelming for me. I suffered from depression and anxiety. 
I began my self-love journey in 2016. This was not intentional, but began with what I put in my body. From there, I was introduced to personal development and mindset. I  started investing in therapy, 1:1 coaching, and started shifting my mindset. Learning to set boundaries was what helped me the most. 

As I began to create a deeper relationship with myself, I was introduced to energy healing. My first experience mde me realize that there is something greater out there than just our physical bodies. It was this AWARENESS that I  felt and instead of fearing it, I  surrendered and became open. Listening and trusting my INTUITION became my super-power. 

Part of listening to my intuition, was recognizing the signs from the Universe that learning Reiki is the direction I have been called to go to. I  started hearing about Reiki over a decade ago before I  learned to listen and trust my intuition. After receiving training and Attunements, my life was yet again changed completely. 

Unknowingly, I  began my spiritual journey. I had no clue what I  was getting myself into, other than trusting that this is something I  am meant to do. Helping myself and others heal through energy work and mental health. 

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