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client testimonies

San Clemente, CA

"Shar is an amazing listener and very understanding. Before session, I wanted more clarity with running my business in a new, fun, creative way. I felt like I couldn’t speak my needs in my relationships.I have gained a better ability to express myself vocally and creatively! Also I felt so much more relaxed after each session! There were moments during the sessions where I felt like I could melt into the bed." 



San Diego, CA

"My challenges before session were letting go of thoughts. Worried I wouldn't open enough. After session, I felt confirmation on what I needed to do. More clarity. Shar is amazing!!"

Los Angeles, CA

"Shar walked me through the process and I trusted in her throughout the session. Sleep well was difficult for the past two weeks. After session, I had better sleep, higher connection with my guides, and beautiful messages from my ancestors and a relaxed outlook on awakening.It was an amazing experience. It was my first time and I look forward to the next one!"

Keene, NH

"I loved that she shared what came up for her and pulled a oracle card for me. She showed that she truly cared :) After session, I felt so much lighter and free. I felt less fear"

Ulsan Nam-gu, South Korea

Shar really made it a safe space to be heard and to feel different emotions. I’m totally new to this but she made it comfortable and laid back.
Before session, I  felt kind of lost and out of place even when I’m with my closest friends and family. I also felt a little heavy.. I forgot to mention I am finally starting my teaching certificate next month after months of planning and years of putting it off, and I guess I have been feeling pressure to succeed and do well. After the session, I feel so much lighter. It’s incredible! I’ve attained more clarity that I am supposed to be where I am. That I have the power to make choices and make my own reality. This made me feel more empowered to do so. It has been 4 hours since the session, and the more I reflect and process, I am gaining new insight and understanding of our sessions together.
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